That was happening today –  happy ‪‎Princess Leia‬ ‪straight from Star Wars , filming music video for The Absurds band with a bunch of crazy positive people.

And the video is here:

New speaking role in a hospital drama!!!!!!

I have amazing news!!! no pictures though.

Some time ago I landed a speaking part in a Hospital Reconstruction Drama, the filming was happening earlier today and I can announce that I was playing Irina Cook, a mother of a very ill child. The film should be available online later this year.

I feel amazed!!! The filming day was fabulous, the whole team of Red Goat Productions are such a nice people 🙂 And it’s so good to act!!!

Dance movie “Life in art” shoot and some interesting Support Artist’s work.


Recently I shot a scene for a “Life in art” movie, featuring me dancing, along other great actors.

Movie was made by Kadeem Henry.

Also sometimes I am working as a Supporting Artists in some good movies, it can be a really interesting job, it’s a bit of acting, lots of waiting at times but you get to see amazing sets and big actors at work. Here are few pictures from movies I have done:

10606433_826321754118284_6594203996707297534_n      1“Guardians of the Galaxy”

11127478_826324547451338_9067478046653389387_n  5    “Pride”