Actress, dancer, director and choreographer, musician, model and a photographer. Lives in London.

Studied photography on Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Contemporary dance with Dada von Bzdulow Theatre and physical theatre with Pegassus Saddle Theatre. She continued her dance and performance studies in London, training Contemporary, Jazz, African and Street dance, choreography, physical theatre and acting.

In 2010 she founded Dark Soul Dance Theatre, where she is performing, directing or co-directing, choreographing and managing group productions. She usually works interdisciplinarily, combining dance, theatre, improvisation, visual arts, live music, fashion, photography, filmand much more. Interested in sharing ideas and in an exchange of acreative energy, she often invites artists from different backgrounds to work together to develop an idea and generate many different “art-products” in the same project. With her theatre group she made 16 productions so far (eg. “Dark Soul”, “Woman being”, “Sisters Strange”, “The Path”,”We bring the breed”, “Cardiac Syndrome X”) and is performing in many commercial venues and theaters in London and on festivals in England (Rich Mix, Cafe 1001, BGWMC, The Space Theatre).

Her collaboration with other artists and companies include “Project Anna” – choreography for 10 dancers with fashion design by Paulina Palian and Ewa Bathelier, part of OBR festival, “HEReins” theatre project with Margot Przymierska, produced by PAiL London,commisioned by London MEtropolitan Archieves, “In beak we trust” polish play, directed by Margot Przymierska, commisioned by POSK London and “Crimson” performance with Neti-Neti Theatre Company, produced by Goldsmiths University.

From 2013 is a part of London Drama Group, performing in two plays by young English  writers (“Smoke and Mirrors” – Emma, “Return of Jeni” – Jeni).

Since 2013 she has also played in several movies (eg.“Through”, “Obstacle”, “Cryptic Veil”. ‘Synthea”), music videos (eg.“Flying ties”) and bigger featured productions.

Zuza is also a talented musician and a singer, played in rock band Sunlight Service Group(singer, keyboard), folk band Gadjo Form (singer, accordion) and Emanon (singer, keyboard) and dark-rock Glimmer (lead singer,songwriter). She writes her own lyrics and music compositions as well as arranges the old folk songs.

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