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SOMEONE SAID performance on Sad Fest

I will be performing my new short show “SOMEONE SAID” on Sad Fest event in The Castle cinema on the 16th of March at 3pm. 


Event details:


SAD FEST said:

Zuza Tehanu is a multi-faceted performer living and working in London.

For the “Brexit Makes Me Sad ” pop-up Zuza will be a performing a melancholy dance and movement piece based on her latest show “Someone Said”.

“Brexit makes me sad because it comes from the idea that we are divided and need to be separated and isolated for reasons that are not even clear. I strongly believe that only in interactions and with all our diversity we can experience connection and grow as a society”

“Someone Said” incorporates dance, theatre, performance art, singing, original music and poetry. It was created in response to recent events and changes in society as well as all the miscommunication we witness on a daily basis.
The division of the society that is happening right now is both scary and sad. It creates the illusion that one group of people wants to attack the other, for any reason. While the people repeat whatever they heard from others and refuse to listen to anything that collides with their beliefs, all of society goes into the division state of mind, which at the end is just an idea. An illusion which invaded their minds and blinds them to see that we are all one.

More info:
Insta: @zuzatehanu

Magazine feature in December!!!!!


I will feature in December issue of What’s Hot London Magazine.

If you see it in print somewhere – take a look inside for my crazy pictures and an interview, or You can wait for an update with an online version on this page!!!

It comes out on the 6th of December, watch this space!!!
It’s time to take over this city 🙂


Interview in PalianShowTV on the 12th of January – announcement


I will be a guest in a polish TV Channel PALIAN Show talking with Poli Palian about feminism, art, Babski Londyn organisation and my show “Mire” coming on the 14th and 15th of January in Etcetera Theatre Camden.

This is the announcement for the Polish audience, the english version coming soon 🙂
Paulina K. Palian aka #PalianSHOW dla Babskiego Londynu prezentuje: Zuza Tehanu