Performing in “Dziób w dziób” play by Malina Prześluga,

directed by Margot Przymierska

Friday the 23rd of May, 7pm , Jazz Cafe POSK, 238-246 King St, London W6 0RF         tickets: £7 or £10

Saturday the 24th of May, 6pm , Caballo bikes cafe, 32 Chatsworth Rd, London E5 0LP tickets: £3 or £5

Sunday the 25th of May, 4pm , JAzz Cafe POSK, 238-246 King St, London W6 0RF       tickets: £7 or £10



***About the play***
Meet the mightiest Crew in the neighbourhood: Zbigniew, Mariola, Heniek & Sefan. They are THE PIGEONS! Only THE PIGEONS! Always THE PIGEONS! While the Crew are sharpening their claws and preparing their load for a revengeful war against the Cat Dolores, accused of killing Janusz – the local hero Pigeon – the sudden appearance of a Sparrow named Przemek shakes up the sheer foundations of pigeonhood.

*Rehearsed Reading will be in Polish but an English programme and the play synopsis will be available:)))

Malina Prześluga is a young Polish playwright. She already earned several awards for her previous works which appealed to both kids and adults alike. “Dziób w dziób” premiered at Baj Pomorski Theatre in Toruń, Poland, in 2013.

Adam Hypki | ZBIGNIEW
Dominika Mari | MARIOLA
Katarzyna Paradecka | DOLORES
Zuza Tehanu | STEFAN
Patryk Wilkicki | HENIEK
Magda Włodarczyk | JANUSZ
Adam Wittek | PRZEMEK

DIRECTED by Margot Przymierska

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