“Crimson” – coming on the 26, 28 of June.



Through bursting passion and sexuality three females are telling a story of their mutual entanglement. They explore possibilities of different connections within their complex and perhaps neurotic relationships. In a series of episodes inspired by writings of Bruno Schulz we take a plunge into some dark and less visited places within female psyche. This world is fundamentally flawed. Something, or maybe, someone is missing there. Ordinary turns into grotesque. Is it only innocent playfulness or real devouring feminine desire? Can cruelty effectively serve as a remedy to boredom and frustration? Or will it always accelerate the spiral of pain?

Created and performed by:  Neti-Neti Thearte Company Dominika Dwernicka, Tatiana Judycka, Zuza Tehanu

Music: Klezmer inspired own compositions, Johann Sebastian Bach, Alva noto

Premiere : “In the Flesh” , Goldsmith University Theater

26.06.  6:30pm   ,      28.06.  2:30pm

Places are very limited, so book quickly!!!!!!!


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