Performance “Cardiac Syndrome X” with Dark Soul Dance Theatre

I will be performing “Cardiac Syndrome X” with Dark Soul Dance Theatre on the 15th and 17th of March at 9pm in Trispace gallery, as a part of Pure Performance festival.

The event is free.


…”The main symptom of cardiac syndrome X is chest pain. You may also feel sweaty, sick and light headed. You may think that you are having a heart attack”…

…”The pain often comes on with exercise, exertion or extreme emotion.”

…”About 70% of those affected by cardiac syndrome X are women.”…

…”One of the theories reveals the cause to be an altered pain perception and myocardial pain hypersensitivity”

…”The diesease is often diagnosed among patients with mental disorders. Mental health issues can also cause the intensification of the symptoms”
Direction: Zuza Tehanu
Production: Dark Soul Dance Theatre
Concept, Choreography, Performing: Sylwia Kocimska, Anna Lickiewicz, Zuza Tehanu
Music: Orbital, Amon Tobin

More details:

poster cardiac dsdt

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