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“Yarners” performance on the 16.03

I will be performing my new solo work “Yarners” on the 16th of March on the Action Peupleuse event hosted in The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3BL London.


The event will feature women artists this time and will start at 8pm. 


Women’s bodies.
Bodies of pain not expressed ,
Bodies of joy and pleasure suppressed ,
Bodies of stories never said and
Bodies that never shout out
But are shouted at
To shut them up

Spotlight and a new Commercial agent!!!

It has finnaly started:)

I have a pleasure to announce that I have finnaly reached the destination of Spotlight,

You can check my cv under the link:

Also few days ago I was signed to and will be represented by a new Commercial and Modeling Agent Models Plus.

And here are some dance pictures from the Summer by Bill M:

photo by Bill M

Zuza Tehanu, London photo by: Bill M

Zuza Tehanu, London
photo by: Bill M

HAPPENING. Artists support artists.


Welcome to our HAPPENING.
We are artists. We support eachother in any of our creations, art causes and events. We gather together to drag Your attention, to entertain You and ourselves, to share our creativity and show You who we are.

This HAPPENING is all about DANCE. 
Dance as a free body movement that anyone can do, dance as a skillfull movement that anybody can learn, dance as a form of expression that anyone can have. 
Dance as a therapy.
Dance as a blissfull moment of joy.
Dance as something that you need.

You can dance no matter the age, gender, race, nation, skill level or anything else. You can dance any time, anywhere. 
You can dance now, with us.

This time we were dancing , singing , and creatively fooling around to support one dancer – Zuza Tehanu in her campain to raise funds for a Dance Development Programme that she was accepted on.

We were also spreading the word about the new shows of singers Emiliyah Singer and Maja SlimChick (Petal) , who supported us with their songs and performance and we showed the newest creation of artist Eva Lis.

We started in front of Tate Modern at 12:30 pm on Sunday the 23rd of August and continue our creative walk along Thames until the huge rain stopped us at Blackfriars Bridge, where we gave a street performance of dance, live singing and live art. 

If you are interested in having a similar event promotion Your Art contact Zuza here or via

Artists :
Zuza Tehanu- dancer, actress, model. – dancer –
Emiliyah – singer –
Petal – singer –
Eva Lis Lis

Happening was organised by Polałka Kolektiv.

Facebook event:

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Crowdfunding campain for Dance Education Programme

I recently passed the audition and was accepted on an amazing contemporary dance education programme lead by Transform Dance Company.

I really want to improve my dancing skills and take my Dance Theatre company to the next level but I don’t have enough funds so I am starting a crowd funding campaign for it .

Please help. I ll be grateful for any donations but also for sharing and a word of support. I am doing that the first time…
Thank you!!!!!!!!

helpzuzadance9569 copy

“Polałka” photosession

I love traveling with friends on a mini holidays and get involved in some art makeing at the same time. This summer we were on a green fields near Southampton and we set up new Female Art Collective (still in progres). 

One of our first projects is this photosession:

Photographer: Emiliyah
Make-up : Emiliyah
Assistants: Eva Lis, Anie Lica
Editing; Zuza Tehanu
Model: Zuza Tehanu

I was floating on the surface of a freezing pond, it just looks easy 🙂
More pictures to come!